Case Management

WSR is currently providing stipends to three community members who are managing over 150 different addresses in the Lakewood area on a case management basis. We strive to connect those families with the monetary, supply, medical and legal resources that are available to Houstonians but that can be difficult to navigate or find out about.

Rebuilding Homes

We are working to provide as many families as possible with the materials needed to build out at least one bedroom, a bathroom and their kitchen. The majority of the donations we receive are going toward these materials and tools necessary for rebuilds. We also work to secure donated and low-cost materials and access resource banks for appliances and furniture to distribute to homes in need.

Advocating For Neighborhoods and Supporting Community Organization

West Street Recovery has maintained engagement with the network of recovery efforts working across the city and witnessed how the bureaucratic structures of corporate charities and the governmental organizations to Hurricane Harvey has made for a rigid, inefficient, and out-of-touch approach to recovery. We have relayed the stories, needs and desires of the communities we are working with to these organizations and strive to make to an impact on their perspectives of and response to this crisis.