Dear Friends of West Street Recovery,

As the fall turns to winter and the holiday season approaches, many families West Street Recovery assists still do not have walls and insulation in their homes. Although temporary Housing has been extended by FEMA until January, the prospects of a holiday season in a warm and dignified home look dim for many households in Northeast Houston.

At West Street Recovery, we continue to work connecting families to the resources they need. In the early stages of recovery that meant providing food, cleaning supplies and legal help. Today though it means mold-resistant sheetrock, insulation, and the household appliances necessary for a normal life, like sinks and refrigerators. These items are undoubtedly more expensive than our earlier asks, but excitement around the recovery has waned.  

Luckily our model of rebuilding the interiors of people’s homes is much cheaper than a typical commercial approach. Our method of rebuilding is to deliver supplies to families and use teams of volunteers trained by select flood impacted homeowners with construction experience to install insulation and walls. Furthermore, as a non profit, we are sometimes able to access discounted supplies, and in kind donations of labor from construction experts.

Even though this reduces the cost we still need funds to buy materials. Sometimes donating to non profits is a confusing experience, it is unclear how funds are used, and it is uncertain if there actually is a positive impact on people’s lives. This case is different. We are raising money to buy the materials that will allow people to rebuild their homes and get back to raising children, working, and enjoying life.  

Any amount to this cause is appreciated. Each home we work with has different needs. However, below are rough price estimates for those of you interested in the specifics of what your donations will go toward:

Full Basic House (livable space plus drywall and insulation in entire house)
Drywall (normal/eco) 900/1,200
Drywall mud, tape, and nails 200
Insulation 600
6 Doors and frames 600
Electrical 100
Kitchen sink, oven, and fridge 1150
Small kitchen cabinets & counter (4-6ft) 800
Bathroom (toilet, tub, and vanity) 750
Total $5,100/$5,400


How to Donate:

Contributions can be made directly to West Street Recovery at our YouCaring page.  Checks can be made to “West Street Recovery” at:

West Street Recovery
1707 West St.
Houston, TX 77026

Thank you for your support,

All of us at West Street Recovery