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Texas GLO Direct Leasing & Multi-Family Lease and Repair Programs

FEMA News Release Issued December 19, 2017
Direct Leasing & Multi-Family Lease and Repair Programs

The Texas General Land Office (GLO) is seeking public support for housing solutions for eligible Texans displaced from their permanent residences by Hurricane Harvey (link to news release).

The GLO is administering temporary housing leasing through the Direct Leasing and Multi-Family Lease and Repair (MLR) programs for eligible Texans unable to return to their homes until they are repaired or rebuilt. Community participation in these programs is key to their success and a vital component of rebuilding efforts.

Direct Leasing: Enables the government to lease a property that would not generally be available to the public, such as corporate lodging, to house survivors.

  • Properties must at a minimum provide complete and independent living facilities for one or more persons, including for living, sleeping and cooking.
  • Hotels, motels and extended stay lodging are not eligible.

Multi-Family Lease and Repair: Allows the government to enter into agreements to make repairs and lease existing multi-family housing, such as apartments, in order to provide more housing for survivors.

The GLO will determine the value of the lease and the cost of repairsThe cost of these repairs will be deducted from the value of the lease and cannot exceed the lease value.

Properties must meet these minimum requirements:

  • Have previously been used as multi-family housing (three units or more);
  • Located in the designated or contiguous disaster area;
  • Be available for lease to GLO at least through February 2019;
  • Be repairable within four months; and
  • Located outside of a Special Flood Hazard Area.
  • Hotels, motels and extended stay lodging are not eligible.

Direct Leasing and Multi-Family Lease and Repair properties must be located in a designated or contiguous county for Direct Housing.

Property owners whose units are used in a temporary housing leasing program must sign a lease with local government entities. Before a lease is signed, the properties will be evaluated to meet these minimum requirements:

  • Cost effectiveness, in-line with Fair Market Value;
  • Landlord’s ability to manage and provide maintenance services; and
  • Proximity to community services.

GLO matches eligible tenants with the best available Direct Temporary Housing and solution to meet their individual needs based on a FEMA eligibility determination.

GLO may extend leases beyond February 2019 should the assistance period be extended by FEMA and reserves the right to terminate a lease with 30 days written notice.

To have your property considered for the MLR or Direct Leasing program, please contact the Texas Apartment Association (TAA) at 512-479-6252.

Direct housing is provided as a temporary solution by FEMA at the request of the state and is not intended to be a permanent housing option for flood survivors.