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Request for Aid for Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Oaxaca, and the Virgin Islands:

After Houston flooded with water, it also flooded with support. But as other disasters change the landscape of our globe, we are also reminded our solidarity must extend past our city limits, past our borders.

West Street Recovery would like to ask those who were able to financially donate to us to also strongly consider sending aid to Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Oaxaca, and the Virgin Islands, where aid and supplies are lacking. The realities of global warming will mean we will find ourselves working to support each other through these catastrophes more often and learning how to do that more sustainably. Recognizing this, let’s make this extension of our support a practice.

We highly recommend donating to the groups linked to below:

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief Puerto Rico Rebuilds Campaign/Campaign to Rebuild the Carribean:…/puerto-rico-rebuilds-campaign

** Mutual Aid Disaster Relief is an amazing, experienced grassroots group which has been supportive of WSR since the second day of Harvey and is currently on the ground in PR. This campaign will help fund installment of solar, water catchment and filtration systems!

Oaxacan Solidarity Brigades:
U.S. Virgin Islands:

For those of you who are interested in volunteering with Mutual Aid Disaster Relief in Puerto Rico or remotely, look over their volunteer application.

Mama Rosie’s Feed the Hungry Fund

Rosie Soto has been working to feed Houston’s homeless and low income communities for several years. Hurricane Harvey has increased the need for Rosie’s incredible work, please donate to Mama Rosie’s Feed the Hungry Fund.

Thank you for your support and solidarity.