West Street Recovery


A list of resources that West Street Recovery references, distributes to residents, and/or has created to support disaster preparation and recovery.

Disaster Preparation Resources

Backup Power Systems

An overview of different backup power system options and considerations.

A list of supplies for disaster bags. (English & Spanish)

A list of important documents to create electronic copies of before a disaster. (English & Spanish)

An overview of private flood insurance coverage, how to apply, and what’s covered. (English & Spanish)

How to Prepare for a Freeze & Potential Power Outage (English | Spanish)

Steps for preparing for a freeze and power outage and how to take care of yourself during a freeze/outage.

A one-pager with steps for preparing for a hurricane. (English & Spanish)

Hub Houses Supply List  (English | Spanish)

A list of supplies included in WSR/NAC’s hub houses for neighborhood disaster preparedness.

A quick intro to the hub houses that WSR and NAC have created in their neighborhoods for evacuation and emergency resource distribution during disasters or power outages.

WSR/NAC’s inventory list of supplies at each hub house. (English & Spanish)

A checklist of medical needs for hub captains to keep track of their neighbors’ needs. (English & Spanish)

Personal Preparedness Plan (English | Spanish)

A helpful outline for building your family’s personal preparedness plan.

Disaster Recovery Resources

A document that covers common reasons why someone might be denied FEMA relief and tips for resolving errors.

Some guidelines for responding to a disaster while staying safe and being thoughtful about your impact on others.