West Street Recovery is making some pretty cool stuff happen with your donations! Read about our work here or jump straight over our donations page to chip in.

Checks can be made to “West Street Recovery” at:
West Street Recovery
1707 West St.
Houston, TX 77026

Donate Supplies

West Street Recovery is seeking donations for the following items at this time:

  • Building supplies (insulation, drywall, paint, primer, trim)
  • Furniture and Appliances (If you’re someone who didn’t flood, and were considering buying a new furniture set or appliances, now would be a great time! Many families lost everything and would be grateful for the gift of used furniture or appliances.)

Please email us at connect@weststreetrecovery.org if you have these items!

We encourage you to buy as much as possible from black and brown and locally owned businesses! Check out our list of local businesses.

West Street may have opportunity to redirect or distribute other donations, please contact us at the email address for other donated items and we’ll do our best to connect them to the right place.

Thank you for your support and solidarity.