We work primarily in NE Houston, an area heavily impacted by flooding during Hurricane Harvey and Imelda, the COVID pandemic, and damage from Winter Storm Uri. We’ve accomplished much of our work the last few years thanks to the support of our awesome volunteers, and look to involve volunteers in our work as much as possible.

At this time we have a high need for volunteers with plumbing experience, and skilled volunteers with experience hanging drywall, taping and floating, painting, installing floors, or doing other finishing work. If you have these skills and are interested in volunteering with us, please complete this form. Our capacity to work with inexperienced volunteers is limited at this time, as we are keeping our work crews as small as possible due to the ongoing pandemic.

We have other random fun volunteer opportunities come up like research, translating, searching for supplies and building materials, planning events, and transporting supplies and donations. If you’re interested in getting involved or have any skills or ideas to share with us, please complete this form.

Link to General Volunteer Sign-Up Form

Link to Experienced Volunteer Sign-Up Form


We are unable to host volunteer groups at this time. We’ve enjoyed taking on bigger projects with our volunteer groups in the past, and will update this page when we’re able to resume group activities.

Link to Volunteer Waiver Form

On Volunteering

A few words about volunteering in marginalized communities: We are not here to dictate what needs to be done. We are here to listen, ask questions, engage in relationships and work in solidarity with communities that are already established, skilled, and knowledgeable.

To uphold these values we seek to follow the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing.