****Dear Hurricane Florence Affected Areas****,

West Street Recovery has been anxiously watching Hurricane Florence approach the eastern coast. We don’t have many connections over there but we want folx to know that we support your communities as they organize to face this disaster and we have faith in your ability to act in solidarity to survive after it passes. As disasters worsen, more and more grassroots response groups have been springing up from within affected communities. A network of activists who want to fight for Just Recoveries and bottom up solutions is growing. WSR is looking forward to getting in touch with the new groups that rise up to Florence and offering what support we can.

For organizers looking to jump into action:

  • Don’t hesitate to get on the phone with us or shoot us an email if you think we could be a resource or some help. | (832) 356-6073
  • Here’s two zines with some of the things we experienced and learned in the wake of Harvey that may be of use to y’all:

For people around the country looking to support relief efforts:

  • Look out for local, grassroots initiatives to donate to. Just like in Harvey, large aid groups are notoriously bad at getting to the most at risk, low-income and marginalized people’s immediately following a disaster. But agile, on the ground residents who know their communities’ needs and desires can make a crucial difference in the weeks (and years) following a storm.
  • If you’re donating supplies, beware of funding disaster capitalism, which feeds off the disasters it helps create. Buy locally! Or call local, POC owned hardware and grocery stores in the affected area to ask about setting up a tab for local residents to use to buy their own supplies/food.

With love and solidarity,

West Street Recovery



West Street Recovery (WSR) is a horizontally organized grassroots organization, which aims to use efforts toward recovery after the Harvey Hurricane to build community power.

Our driving principle is to work together with community members, not for them. Our work is rooted in an understanding that certain communities were disproportionately impacted by Harvey because they lack access to resources and power, and that the same actors and forces which produced these inequities cannot be expected to adequately support these communities in recovery.

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